Write data to Influxdb 2.0 with Node Red- Type Error


I have been using Nodered to write data influxdb 1.7 and thats running perfectly.
Now, I am trying to write the same data using the same format that used with Influxdb 1.7, I am getting Type Error :-

On the Influxdb 2.0 part I have created organisation,bucket,token and configured the test node accordingly.

Here is the format I have used to write data to Influxdb 1.7.

Please help to solve the issue.
Thanks in advance.

I don't think the influx nodes support influxdb 2 yet do they? Or have I missed an announcement?

Yes . Node for Influxdb 2 is there in node red.

Can you please check.
and I have used the write node to write data to influxdb 2.

In the flow image you posted it appears to be using the usual one node-red-contrib-influxdb, not the one you show in the palette.

Looking at that node, which I presume is https://github.com/stackhero-io/node-red-contrib-stackhero-influxdb-v2, the data format it needs is different. Have you configured your payload as required by that node? If you think so then feed it into a debug node and show it to us.

Hi ,
This the input payload to ......stackhero-influxdb-V2....Can you please tell me what change is required for the same.

The right side msg.payload the data format.

Please help.

Does that match what it says in the node's readme? I have not used it that is all I have to go on. Are you sure you need to use V2? It is still very new so finding anyone with experience may be difficult.

I have changed the payload accordingly.....and it is working. Thanks.

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