Updated to latest node-red-contrib-influxdb. Can't retrieve data, Unhandled promise rejection

Using Influx 1.8.x all ok until I updated the influxdb node to the latest as it has support for influx 2.x and was planning on updating. The writing to influx is still ok but I cannot retrieve data from within node red using either SELECT queries or new FLUX queries.
SELECT queries give me nothing returned. This was all working fine until I updated the influx node
FLUX queries (using 1.8 flux) crash node red. (Not really persisted with this yet.)

I have recreated the influxdb config - added a new connection. No difference.
In the syslog there are a lot of unhandled promise rejection messages from the influxdb node


I think you will need to raise with the author.

However, in many cases, you don't really need a node for this since InfluxDB has a REST interface and Node-RED is natively very good at that sort of thing. :slight_smile:

Thanks. In parallel I’m setting up a 2.x database and will (sort of) start from scratch with that. May try rest access. It was just that the update of the node has broken running influx 1.8.x code – a bit frustrating – and I hoped for a quick fix so stuff stays working whilst I play with 2.x

Ok - Done some more playing.

It seems that 0.6.1 of node-red-contrib-influxdb may be broken - (may well be a UTS fault on my part.) Totally failed to get 0.6.1 to work on a 1.8.x influx database using non FLUX or FLUX requests. I have reverted to revision 0.4.1 and all is working smoothly again.

I can send data to the database but cannot retrieve it from within NR. The influxdb node does not output anything. Reverting to 0.4.1 fixes it.

How have you configured the database configuration in the failing version?

Hi. Not quite sure what you mean. Nothing about influx has changed. The updated node 0.6.1 is set to point at the dB using standard select queries as before. 0.6.1 doesn't work, 0.4.1 does.


I was asking how you have configured the server in the node.

Sorry - being a bit slow here. The only config I am aware of is 1.x type, password and username ip address and port. I am not using https. The same config as used for 0.4.1 other than I have to choose server type 1.x (not 1.8 FLUX). I can't check details exactly as I have now reverted to 0.4.1 to get the system working again.

That's what I was concerned about. Others have been confused by that setting.

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