Can't load a node beetween users

Hello everyone !

I'm having an issue using node-red. Basically I programmed a pretty complex automation system. I did it all with my default user (pi). I needed some 3rd party nodes so I installed them using npm (since I don't have an active internet connection on my host) with the "-g" argument.
I now need to use a modbus server and run on port 502, which means I have to use root in order for node-red to be able to use this port.
I launched node-red under root but node-red won't load 1 particular node named "node-red-node-sqlite"
I did try to reinstall it but it still won't work.

I'm running node-red under raspbian 9.4 with everything up to date.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Why can't you allow a non-root process to bind to that port using one of the techniques such as

Can't use authbind cause I made it turn off when not in use since my raspberry is running on a battery.
But the NET_BIND should work, just forgot about it :sweat_smile:
I still find it strange that 1 node won't install globally tho :thinking:

What errors did you hit when you tried to globally install that node?

I didn't get any error, that's what surprises me the most.
To put everything in context, I'm using 4 "node-red-contrib" modules and 2 "node-red-node" modules, 1 of wich I did write (It'll have it own thread in 2-3 weeks after some more testing).
Just this one "node-red-node-sqlite" seem to not be able to install gloabally.
I did install everything using the same method and the same tool.
Can't figure out what isn't working but in the end my system is working thanks to @ukmoose reminder :wink:

Did you uninstall node-red-node-sqlite before installing it globally?
if the answer is no, then you might want to try removing it both locally and globally and then reinstall it globallly

I did,
I just checked to be sure and node-red-node-sqlite is in /root/.node-red/node_modules
Don't know what I've done wrong, because I guess it's only me