Can't Receive Simple Serial Comm on Raspberry Pi

I'm brand new to Node-RED and serial communication setups. I have two Raspberry Pis and I'm attempting to get them to communicate via serial ports. One Pi is using an RS485 CAN HAT, and the other Pi is using a DTech USB RS485 USB adapter.

Problem: Both Raspberry Pis appear to transmit fine through their respective serial ports, but neither one shows any receive messages in the debug window.

The Pi with the USB adapter shows a Rx LED and Tx LED at the appropriate time, so I know both devices are transmitting. When the USB adapter is plugged into a PC (not running Node-RED), the message is received and displays without error, so I know the wiring is correct.

It seems simple, what am I missing? I searched the forum, but couldn't find anything helpful.

Welcome to the forum @Gump

In the serial config node, where you set the bandwidth, what option have you set for splitting the data coming in? If you have told it to wait for a particular character, perhaps that character never arrives.

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