Cant send message from xmpp node

Hi all.

I'm trying to send a message from node-red to a jabber server. I get the account logged in and it can receive messages from my chat client.

However, when I try to inject a message to the jabber output, it doesn't arrive. The console shows the message.

Here is the (sanitized) two-node flow:

"id": "3f1c01d4.3e96ee",
"type": "xmpp out",
"z": "88ebfe82.52269",
"name": "",
"server": "7a092adf.cb5bac",
"to": "",
"join": false,
"sendObject": true,
"x": 490,
"y": 600,
"wires": ,
"inputLabels": [
"id": "2cd2387f.62adc8",
"type": "inject",
"z": "88ebfe82.52269",
"name": "",
"topic": "",
"payload": "{"msg": "Testme out"}",
"payloadType": "json",
"repeat": "",
"crontab": "",
"once": false,
"onceDelay": 0.1,
"x": 160,
"y": 560,
"wires": [
"outputLabels": [
"id": "7a092adf.cb5bac",
"type": "xmpp-server",
"z": "",
"user": "",
"nickname": "Jarvis"

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?