Can't receive XMPP messages (but sending works)


I am using the xmpp node in hopes of being able to receive xmpp messages. I run an openfire xmpp server at home and everything runs fine outside of node-red. All clients receive messages and all clients can use the chat room I set up.

However, node-red doesn't receive said messages. The node says it's connected but no messages ever come in. I CAN send... but just can NOT receive. Right now, it's simple - just the xmpp in node connected to a debug output.

What am I doing wrong?

Did you set the debug output to "complete msg object" and does it make difference ?

What I have figured out is that it needs something to "force it" - it's like it doesn't stay listening to messages coming in, if that makes sense.

If I make a chance on my flow, and then big deploy - the last message will come through. (Doesn't matter if chance the debug output to complete msg object or not.)

But that's not what I want - I want it to always listen and automatically fire off when it gets a message. Do I just misunderstand how it works? I'm a newbie to node-red AND xmpp so I'm really lost..... :slight_smile:

Could you please post your flow here, it might help us to help you.

Another thought, is your router configured to forward xmpp ports?

Here you go. I redacted my xmpp server specfics (username) and you'll see *USER* and *MYDOMAIN* in replace of it.

[{"id":"d48d24a8.3f8a08","type":"xmpp in","z":"881ed9d4.6d7318","name":"XMPP IN","server":"ab703856.c0ba98","to":"[weather@*MYDOMAIN*.com](mailto:weather@*MYDOMAIN*.com)","join":false,"x":159,"y":2610,"wires":[["1907b379.81993d"],[]]},{"id":"1907b379.81993d","type":"debug","z":"881ed9d4.6d7318","name":"xmpp debug","active":true,"tosidebar":true,"console":false,"tostatus":false,"complete":"true","targetType":"full","x":369,"y":2607,"wires":[]},{"id":"ab703856.c0ba98","type":"xmpp-server","z":"","user":"[*USER*@*MYDOMAIN*.com](mailto:*USER*@*MYDOMAIN*.com)","nickname":"[*USER*@*MYDOMAIN*.com](mailto:*USER*@*MYDOMAIN*.com)"}]

I have set up port forwarding to make the server work in general. (Which runs on the same Linux VM as node-red).

ALL other clients can get the messages. It's only node-red that's giving me heartache.

Which platform is the VM running on?

Not sure if this matters, but both node-red and openfire are running in docker. That VM is ubuntu.

All of my VMs are on proxmox.

Oh, I'm sure it does matter somehow. I cannot help you directly as I have no XMPP instances I could test, but I am sure others will be able to.

I have mine configured more like this (just a public xmpp serverI found)

It should receive messages right away.