Finding others node for receive message

Hi Everyone, :blush:

May i know any others node can receive debug message to your smartphone other than telegram?
if i want to receive by using messages is it possible?

For very basic Whatsapp communication take a look at 'whin'. Very easy to set-up and use.

Email is another option.

Thanks for reply :innocent:

Or Pushbullet or Pushover or...

Hi Dynamicdave,

Now i having this issue even my 3 whins inside have all the token and phone, i now sure what is the error.

Are you using a snap install of node-red? If so is there a reason for that? I don't know whether it is part of the problem but it may well be. Are you able to try using the usual method of installing node red? If you are on a Debian based system (eg Ubuntu or Raspbian) you can use the install script at Running on Raspberry Pi : Node-RED

Actually i download node-red on window system, and i run the command using command prompt.

I've just tried the NR-flow I created some time ago.
The flow is on a RPi-4B running NR v2.1.3
Although it looks OK - the green dot, it doesn't send or receive text.
I suspect my token has expired. I've tried renewing it - doesn't change anything.
I'll try deleting and re-registering 'whin' (later) and see if that sorts out my issue.

I think your issue is something different.

What did you download?

i download node-red version2.2.2 on window.

Normally one does not download node-red, one installs it directly. Also that is an old version. What exactly did you download?

I recommend that you start again and install using the recommended method for windows. Running on Windows : Node-RED.
Then you will be running an up to date version and will have installed using a known method.

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