[UPDATE] WHIN: New nodes for Whatsapp (Beta)

We'd like to share our enthusiasm about the new beta release that comes with additional nodes and functionality: node-red-contrib-whin (node) - Node-RED

The package includes three nodes: whin-send, to send out whatsapp texts from your NR flows to your whatsapp number. whin-receive, to inject whatsapp texts from your whatsapp client into your NR flows. whin-confirm, to allow you, in the middle of a flow, ask for an active user confirmation about something and use the response as data into the flow.

Please share your experiences and issues so we can fine tune this whatsapp service.

I just updated to 0.1.9 and it's failed. How di I uninstall it. I had it working with the previous version. There is no uninstall option in the palette manager?

Error message after update: "Flows stopped due to missing node types. Then bullet "Whin"

Hi @dougle03
today we've been doing some major updates on the backend, and probably most of the users lost connectivity. Now all should be back to normal, please check and see.
Release 0.1.9 is working, if you're migrating from a previous version I would recommend you run a fresh install if there errors. Do not forget deleting the current config-node before. Then install as usual and make sure your phone / token is selected on all nodes.
Check the videos we added on the instructions.

If you still are in troubles, let us know or open an issue on the repo.


I used the palette manager to install, it won't let me uninstall the button is not there. For now I've removed the node-red-contrib-whin folder from the node_modules folder, and restarted the container.
Any reason why the uninstall button was not showing? Also, by removing the folder, have I left anything that also needs removing before attempting a re-install?

@dougle03, if you removed the contrib folder from the home directory, you don't need to remove anything else.
Just make sure the config node is also removed (check on the node-red menu, under "configuration nodes", under "on all Flows", see if there's none called "whin-config".
Then install as usual.

Hi, yep, folder removed and the config node also removed. Might restart now and try again.

All should be fine now then.

Do not forget two things though:

  1. contrib-whin is still under beta, we're doing a lot of changes and fixing bugs almost daily. We expect the people using the nodes can help us identify improvements.
  2. the backend we are sharing is what we use for our own home Labs; this is why occasionally (mainly on the weekends) we will do changes that will stop the service. Monday to Friday you will find less of these planned outages.

Have a nice weekend.

Excellent all sorted now. I removed the folder, re-started NR then re-installed from the palette manager. Had to redo the auth token, but that's easy.