Whatsapp node not working

I tried using the whin node but doesn't seem to be working. The debug window shows "request received" but the message is not sent.
Any ideas to make it work?

P:S - The configuration has been done as required.

You could always ask the node author - Issues · inUtil-info/node-red-contrib-whin · GitHub

I had it working fine - BUT now it has stopped working.
Just like you it gives an indication of the request has been sent - but it doesn't work.

Hi all,

In the readme file you can find:

Note that the Phone and Token values are linked, this means that the node wont work if the phone number used to get the token is not matching the one you used to get the token. This is to prevent spam.

The token is valid for 30 days. Everytime you send a whatsapp message using whin-send node, Time-To-Live is reset to 30 days. Keep using the service from time to time, and it won't expire. If for whatever reason you do not use the service for 30 days, your token will be removed from the cache. Dont panic, you can get a new token repeating the signup process.

2 days ago I updates my nodes from version 0.1.14 to 0.1.15 and discoverd the same issue.
Surprisingly, if you request a new token, I received the same token as previously.

Another thing:

Known bugs:

Occasionally, whin-receive and whin-confirm do not start capturing messages unless a 'deploy' is executed even if there are no changes. whin-receive may show the listening status and yet messages may not arrive until a flow redeploy is executed. whin-confirm times out and does not show the confirmation.

Another warning!
In the terms of use, you will read:

For now there is an hourly rate limit set to 10 messages per user. When you reach 10 msg in one hour your msgs will not be delivered till the 1 hour timer is reset. Whin will send you a reminder of the limit. If you don't adjust how your runtime works and get to 50 msgs in 1 hr, your IP will be blocked. This is something we implemented as a consequence of the abuse usage of the service.

While checking for the cause, why it didn't work I had to do a "Deploy".
This caused probably a buffer flush or something else, but 50+ messages were sent and therefore my IP has been banned.

I'm currently try to release the ban, but so far not succesfull

I received the following email from the developer and I post it here, as it might give you some information for the future release..


whin as of today is far from being perfect; it was created to be used by family and close friends, and was shared with the community because we thought it could be useful. Just so you know, any single day "the toy" is processing well over 1 million requests.

We do not consider any of our users a spammer (even if their or our code fails), because whin can only send a whatsapp to a user who requested to be messaged first. If a user wants to spam himself, we cannot care less. Whin NEVER sends an unsolicited message (this is a design principle). The reason why we limit the number of msgs is because the number of users/requests is growing exponentially on a daily basis.

We know that some side cases could lead a user to be banned, this is why we send 40 whatsapps warning the user before we actually ban the number. I guess you did not read any of them on time.

Nevertheless we learnt from our mistakes, and the mistakes from some users, and a complete redesign of whin is on the works. I cannot guarantee your flows will be compatible with the new release, so stay tunned.

Your whatsapp number is now removed from the blacklist.

Happy weekend.

As my number is removed from the blacklist, I have been able to test further.

Send and Receive works. But Confirm does not. It is indicating "Awaiting Response", but I do not receive a message and in this case you cannot send a confirmation. Finally it indicates "Timeout".
It has been working before.


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Okay, finally, got that to work!...I was making a mistake in the phone number..had to suffix the country code ..

Thanks for posting the above update from the developer. I've got my NR flow working again but like you 'confirm' doesn't work - just times out. It was working in the past.

Hiya, we are well aware of the issue. Turns out Whatsapp did a few changes to messages templates and how they are interpreted by the phone apps.
Confirm feature uses Whatsapp buttons and this will only work in some specific phones, depending on the OS & Whatsapp versions combination. Messages are delivered and usable through whatsapp web but the whole point of WHIN Confirm was to be able to confirm using the phone.
We thought things would be fixed soon but there's thousands waiting for a fix, as this issue does not only break our service but a lot of other developments.
WHIN Send & WHIN Recieve are working just fine. If buttons issue does not get fixed, we'll replace the buttons version by a simple quesstion message that shall be responded with a typed message.

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