Can't use Node-red console commands on beaglebone black

I am trying to use the node-red command-lines on a beaglebone black. In particualar I am doing this as I want to use generate a password hash, but from testing it, I have found that none of the other commands work either. I am able to view and use the node-red environment from my browser, however I do not know how to use the console commands.

Here are some of the returns I got when trying to use the commands under the beaglebone boards section

When inputting:

sudo service node-red start

I get:

Failed to start node-red.service: Unit node-red.service not found.

When I try using the instructions from the command-line administration page:

node-red admin list

I get:

bash: node-red: command not found

If someone knows what I needs to be done to enable command lines to be used, I'd greatly appreciate your help.

Add details of exactly how you installed Node-RED

The beaglebone guys maintain their own install so it isn’t the same as default Pi install

Node-red came installed on the beaglebone black when I booted it. I did not not install it myself.

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