Catching Connection Error in node-red-dashboard

I am working on a start/stop system for couple of pumps that are communicating via Home Assistant...

So i have a onhold/onrelease button for turning pump on / off in ui template node:

<div class="pump1">
   <md-button> Pump1</md-button>


(function($scope) {
$('.pump1').on('touchstart mousedown', function(e) {
    e.preventDefault(); //prevent default behavior
   $scope.send({"payload" : { "service":'turn_on'} , "topic": 'switch.pump1'});

$('.pump1').on('touchend mouseup', function(e) {
    e.preventDefault(); //prevent default behavior
    $scope.send({"payload" : { "service":'turn_off'} , "topic": 'switch.pump1'});

And i am worried about the following situation:

  1. I press down the button.
  2. For some reason the device lost connectivity
  3. the payload.service ('turn_off') is not sent, and the pump keeps running.

How could i catch any connectivity error, and there for send the second (payload.service ('turn_off')) message?

First thoughts are dont rely on a dashboard for physical automation.

However, some thoughts on how you might contain your current situation...

  • Use separate start and stop buttons
  • have a fall back in your flow that auto switches off after MAX time (a fall back in-case no STOP signal is sent) (clue use a trigger node)
  • use visual feedback indicators that are sent to the dashboard AFTER the command has been sent to the pump (better still feedback actual pump running status if you have it)

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