CEC Contrib setup for Windows?

I'm trying to use this Node Palette on a Windows Pocket PC Instance:

I have the CEC Adapter installed. I've gotten a few test messages sent with the built in tools.

But I'm stuck on figuring out how Node Red can access the USB to send CEC commands.

It's running on a windows Pocket PC I'm trying to setup as a Project Status Board, with limited luck at getting it running. Any help would be appreciated.

Do you really mean Pocket PC - AKA Windows Mobile 5.0 who's support ended in mostly in Oct 2010? Or possibly even earlier if you were running original versions of Pocket PC.

Because honestly, I doubt ANYTHING runs on that any more.

No I just mean it's a bare bones Single PCB Computer, i.e. pretty lightweight tech specs wise.

The OS is Windows 10.