i Have wathed this video and I can't find 08 PCCC_Nodered (From image attached)
Should i change Harware settings so the PCCC_Nodered is determinated?

You uploaded a jpeg not a video. It would be best to post a link to the video and provide some basic information:

  1. what version of NR and node.js are you running? (you can find this in the startup log)
  2. what device is running Node-RED and what OS and Release is it using?
  3. what PLC are you using?

Hello. Thaks for help

  1. NR 3.0.1
  2. Node-red is running on PC Windows 10
  3. I have used PLC - Allen Bradley 1756 - L61

what about the video link?

I found the video he should have posted the link for but haven't watched it. - YouTube

I'm communicating with a 1756-L61 or similar processor (ControlLogix with only a serial port) but with an Ethernet card in the rack. I use node-red-contrib-cip-st-ethernet-ip for that application. Not having watched the video or the OP explaining what he's trying to accomplish, I don't know what the benefit is of using PCCC is or having Node-Red show up in RSLinx as it seems to show in the screenshot.


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