Reading tags from Allen Bradley Micrologix 1400


Since I am new to Node-Red I don't know, how to read tags from Micrologix 1400 PLC. I tried PCCC Node and Ethernet Ip node but it doesn't do anything. Can you please show me the right direction to get started.

Sure thing, and welcome!

First, we need to know a few things about your setup.

IIRC, the 1400 has built in Ethernet and you should be using the PCCC node to communicate with it.

There are some steps you will need to go through to setup the PCCC node.

What have you done so far? If you can, share some screenshots of the PCCC node configuration and your flow.

Hey Thank you for coming forward to help. I am successfully reading tags using pccc node. I am sorry for late reply.

Please share how you got the connection communicating tags. I'm stuck

how do I start reading tag values. i see them with no problem in pv600 but not on the node-red browser interface

I’m not in front of my node-red at the moment, but you must be using this node for a Micrologix PLC.

Adding a pccc-in node to your flow then double clicking on it will open it. You will need to configure the node to tell it what the PLC IP address is and also setup what addresses you would like to read.
You would enter the addresses as you see them in Logix500. e.g., N7:0, B3:0/0, etc.
You should now add a debug node to your flow and connect it to the pccc-in node you added earlier. Deploy and you should be seeing values coming in on the right side in the debug tab.

Also be sure whatever device node-red is running on can ping the PLC.

okay cool thanks I'll play with it tomorrow to see if I can get her talking, I have rslinx in rslogix 500 online running so I know I'm connected I tried going offline just make sure rslogix isn't interfering but neither made difference but I'll try what you said here and get back with you tomorrow

still have a problem.. im online with rs linx and rslogix 500 but node is having errors connecting.
see link

That port setting being 0 has me suspicious.
Change it from 0 to 44818 and try again.

Yeah tried that and the one that's popping up in the command prompt feed matching my computer port number but let me try it again and I'll get back with you oh, thanks for the help

I got it talking, I'll admit that I passed judgment on node-red when I first seen it on youtube, but now I'm seeing how amazing of a program it can be. To be able to have clean accurate communication between so many different platforms. I plan to build a home automation system that runs all the lighting in my house, security system, fire, smoke detection, carbon monoxide/ petroleum fuel vapor sensors, temp on solar system(batteries,inverter..ect) and then I have a 5/03 processor with digital in/out cards, plus analog/out cards, and it is in brandnew condition. So i will utilize it to run geothermal closed loop pumps variably, radiant heating loop in concrete floor of house, run temp inside outside, and pid control the loads, so I use the least amount of power while accurately maintaining the setpoint that is determined by schedule, whether im home or not/ awake sleeping. this all changes based of a network of arduino's in their own network.

so all in all, it will be rs 485 network of arduino nanos, mounted in ceiling of every room, communicating back to arduino mega board with ethernet shield. the mega controls 8 ch triac dimming module, and it is also controlled by a four channel key fob to turn lights on/off, lock doors, set security system, and disarm security system, buttons A,B,C,D.,... then this mega will communicate it's networks status as an mqtt device to a rasp-pi 3 B+ along with a NEXTION 10.1 inch capacitive touch screen that's on kitchen to foyer wall. nextion serial communicates with another arduino that has ethernet shield as an additional MQTT device speaking to all arduinos and rasp-pi. The raspi Pi will have a touch screen but it will be in the utility closet for maintenance control, and then the MQTT broker will handle everything there, also the raspi will communicate to the plc, that runs all the serious operations of heating cooling, solar panel positioning, garage door and gated entrance +plus where ever my imagination goes. who knows at this point.

anuhow thanks for your help. I'll prolly be asking more questions. are you pretty good with node-red??!


Glad you got it working. Indeed, NodeRed is a game changer in the industrial field. I have many RPis running at work doing a multitude of different things. Scanning and verifying parts to BOM from SQL, logging PLC values, charting, comm gateway for a thermal imager to a PLC, etc.

I wouldn’t say I am good with NodeRed, but Googling....that’s my skill. :sunglasses: lol

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sweet! sounds pretty awesome on your setup. So I have integers an bool values reading on the dashboard, but now I'm trying to setup a start button to pccc out node. everything is addressed correctly and online. but it seems there needs to be some type of code instruction in the button that has to be written to this pccc out node. it's gotta be in that payload and topic section.

this is where I am.. figuring it out.. pretty awesome. see screenshot attachment

I am very much beginner in the Node-red and trying to learn by Googling so my questions can be very stupid!

Do u have any sample code for communication with ML1400. I am getting error in a simple code to read tags from PLC using PCCC over Ethernet IP port.

I am getting errors when I try to communicate a tag from the PLC.

"" No response from PLC, restarting the communication""
"" Error connecting to PLC: Error: TIMEOUT occurred while reading Controller Props.""

Attached are PLC configuration screen shot & Nodes configured in Node-Red

This is amazing I have been using a RPI as a portal into Remote VSDs at pumping stations publishing to a website.

Will the PCCC be able to write to the PLC too? I I want to turn certain alarm rungs off? I want to replace the Auto dialer at a customer with a RPI acting as alarm/ warning notification to email the customer with the alarm tag.

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