Challenges with running Node-RED on SAP Cloud Foundry

Hello Node-Red community.

I have deployed Node-RED in my company SAP Cloud Foundry Runtime. Node-RED itself runs great - but the thing is that SAP Cloud Foundry runs in a way - that everytime it restarts it returns Node-RED to the state it was pushed/installed into Cloud Foundry - eg the flows disappear. The restarts happens kinda every day or two - so I have to import flows.json file and enter credentials from postgres and email nodes I use.

I would appreciate tips these in regards:
In which path to paste flows.json file which contains all the flows before pushing Node-Red to Cloud Foundry.
How to configure digitaloak-postgresql and node-email contribs to keep the credentials? When I import the flows.json file into nodered the credentials are not there - should I write these credentials into the flows.json manually or is there other way?

Thanks for your time and help!

Does cloud foundry allow the configuration of a persistent file store?

Hello, it does not, atleast to my knowledge.

for storing data I just use PostrgreSQL Hyperscaler option.

Using an external file system (volume services) | Cloud Foundry Docs

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