Change chart label to message topic


In my project I'm dealing with a lot of charts and my life would become a lot easier if I can change the chart label to my message topic so that the title displayed above my chart changes automatically depending on the data that I receive.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

The info tab includes " The label can also be set by a message property by setting the field to the name of the property, for example {{msg.topic}} ", though I haven't tried it. It is possible that applies to the Blank Label field, it is a bit ambiguous.

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Thank you!! That solved my problem :slight_smile: I did have to put a delay of five seconds between the message containing my plot data and my chart because for some reason it did otherwise not show my message topic as chart name. I think that has to do with the time needed to load the chart.

I did put the {{msg:topic}} in the label field.