Change dashboard chart title dynamically

Hi everyone,
I'm desperately trying to dynamically set the title of a dashboard chart.
I have a dashboard with several charts that are periodically updated with data from a DB, everything works fine.

I would like to set the title of the chart with the information of the last update timestamp, something like:

Laser PowerMeter measure [W] @[2020-03-06 13:50:59]

First of all I've set the "Label" field in the "Edit chart" node GUI as:

Laser PowerMeter measure [W] @[{{msg.last_check}}]

and I've provided as input:

var alert_threshold_low = flow.get('alert_threshold_low');
var alert_threshold_high = flow.get('alert_threshold_high');

var data_name = []
var data_val = []

for (ind = 0; ind < 3; ind++)
    data_name[ind] = msg.payload[ind].topic
    data_val[ind] = msg.payload[ind].payload

msg.payload =   [{
                series: data_name,
                data: data_val
msg.ui_control = {"ymin":alert_threshold_low, "ymax":alert_threshold_high}

msg.last_check = flow.get("last_check");

return msg


  1. At first injection the title is correctly updated to:
    Laser PowerMeter measure [W] @[2020-03-06 13:50:59]
  2. But if I refresh the page the title goes back to the "unitialized" state:
    Laser PowerMeter measure [W] @[]

I've tryed the weirdest solutions for the title such as:

  1. Laser PowerMeter measure [W] @[{{flow.get(last_check)}}]
  2. Laser PowerMeter measure [W] @[{{context.flow.last_check}}]

with of course no results.

Setting the title directly from msg.ui_control its not possible directly. Maybe it can be achieved digging in the msg.ui_control.options fiels, nut I was not able to do that (source github).

Does exist some other solution or workaround?


Sould be msg.ui_control.options.title.text

Thanks for the super fast reply @hotNipi.

Unfortunately I'v digged too in chart.js documentation and I've tried

msg.ui_control = {
  "ymin": 18,
  "ymax": 26,
  "options": {
    "title": {
      "text": "xxxxxxxxx"

leaving the GUI title form empty, without any success.

Oh yes, the thing you want to change is the chart node's label.
I dont know if it has any dynamic control options, the config-fields document says NO.
@dceejay maybe can say something more solid about it...

it's fixed in master...


So the only way to change it is using the GUI editor?

I've tried also to insert in the GUI form:

Laser PowerMeter measure [W] @[{{msg.last_check}}]

it works when the node in injected, as I've said, but refreshing the page resets the msg.last_check parameter.

Currently yes.

As it is made possible already in git, you can install the dashboard from git.
Or you can wait for next release of dashboard....

Note - it still requires a refresh of the browser to update - it is not 100% dynamic.

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