Change first day of week on datepicker

Does anyone know how to change the first day of the week in the datepicker node?
The week should start on monday and not on sunday.

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I am not certain but I think that is up to the browser. Try googling for Firefox change first day of week, or whichever browser you are using.

Or it may be down to the OS. What locale are you using?

This is the same on all devices. I use windows, linux and android.
Locale is set to german in the OS and in the browser.
In node-red i set it also to german in the dashboard settings.

hold that thought....

Having researched this I think I am wrong, I thought it was in the browser, but I was getting mixed up with Thunderbird.

In the moment documentation i found this, but i dont know who to inject this code.

But generally I think that the language is not correctly adopted from the browser.

Not sure why you are looking at MomentJS? That has nothing to do with the datepicker.

Because the hint in the help of the datepicker node.
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I believe that is just for changing the way the date is displayed in the field, it will not change which day is shown as the start of the week in the calendar popup.


yes - needs some internal plumbing added so we can get to $mdDateLocale.firstDayOfWeek.
Now in master branch.

Thank you for the integration.

I don't want to nag, but I think the problem is more due to the fact that the language is not passed correctly. In the app.min.js all the specifications for the different locales are already defined.
Is there a possibility to activate it. this may also affect other nodes.

Where exactly are you looking ? By all means offer up a pull request.

search for M.defineLocale in node-red-dashboard/dist/js/app.min.js

ok will have a look

Better fix pushed - now picks it up automatically from that field. Thanks for finding it.

Thank you

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