Need help with configuration settings of node-red-contrib-ui-week-schedule

I am messing around with node-red-contrib-ui-week-schedule

I didn't put a name in the node's name field and it wasn't working.

But when I was looking at it, the days were in English.

After being told to give the node a name, the days became foreign.

The developer pointed me to the utils.js file.
I dug around and found it:

So back to the original question/problem:
How do I get the English day names (and month) back which are displayed if there is no node name but are changed if the node is named?

Who told you to give the node a name?

As per my question to the person who wrote the node:

Please try to set a name to the node.
It is now set as required field in the configuration of the node (if you upgrade it. See 8458010).
(This is because you can use more than one schedule and every one has to have a different name).

Thanks, Víctor.

So I did. It fixed that problem that I couldn't edit things on the screen, but then introduced the problem of the days going from English to another language.

Sounds like Victor is going to have to explain his node to you Andrew as the behaviour is not something that I, and probably nobody else here is able to comment on.


Though when I asked about it: (This question)
The question

I got this reply:

the texts looks like being spread in utils.js,
do you plan to translate all the strings to english or will you accept a complete translation of the code.
there is also locale files wich looks useles, do you plan to use them in your code ?
I think your small ui scheduler would gain traction if it was translated in English (i d like also to translate it in french if you accept contribs. Regards.

So I am trying to learn how that interacts with the node.

What does this node offer that is better than the many, well documented and supported schedule nodes available in the node library?

This node for example:

I was looking for a GUI schedule node and just got it to try.

Don't worry. It seems it has problems.

By the way, your title to this thread "Need help with configuration settings" is pretty vague and does not really describe the problem you were having, which may result in a lot of people not reading your post. It would be better to add relevant keywords in the title to pinpoint the problem.

As an alternative, there is light scheduler that lets you visually create a schedule