Change node-red-contrib-ezviz node language to English


i want to test if a node is doing what i search, but it's programmed in (i think) Chinese... ( node-red-contrib-ezviz)
How can i change it to English so i understand what is it doing?

already thanks!

Well you can use to see what the chinese means then make a local copy of the repository and change those terms.

And maybe someone else knows of an automatic way to do the translation.

The github repository seems quite active - you could raise an issue requesting English support for node-red-contrib-ezviz?

Thank you for the advice. i'll raise the issue.

Really ? I read this as a question about the source code - If the author is Chinese then they are free to use whatever variable names or comments they wish internally.

I read it as an end user wanting to know if he could switch the node to English (and his request on the issues seams to say that too "i'm interested in using the "node-red-contrib-ezviz", but i don't understand chinese.") - no harm in asking if the developer could add English is there?

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Indeed, i hope the user interface can be 'multi-language', so i understand the node.
The variable names are not imported to me...

and if i can help, i'm willing to help... but at the moment, i have never did something like this, so ...


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