Problem with template ui node for scheduler setting

I want to create a scheduler ui for my application. Honestly I'm not really into html stuff. As I need the scheduler at least 4 times in my dashboard, I do not want to create it with single dashboard elements. Instead I'm trying to do it with the template ui. I also tried node-red-contrib-ui-time-scheduler, but this does not fit my needs.

I want to have 7 buttons for the weekdays and simply the possibility to have the possibility to enter 2 time ranges (hh:min - hh:min) with a 10 min granularity. The style should follow the theme configured and the buttons should reflect the settings (weekday on/off) with darker or lighter display.

I already tried to adapt this entry: Ui-template node problems, but when I do this the first button is a bit higher than the rest when I use multiple buttons.

Is there anybody who can help?

Thank you!

Hi and welcome to the forum.

Sorry, but I am not quite getting exactly what you want to do.

However, may I offer this node as a possible solution:

It MAY do what you want, but I am not sure.

Thank you, yes not really, I want to configure the schedule from within the dashboard. In the meantime I managed to implement some improvements - I got the weekdays, the times are missing, but I think it'll work out

That node allows you to configure the schedule from within the dashboard.

(Or do you mean from the EDIT screen?)

If so there is another one:


Yes you are right, I tried this node, but it does not really fit my needs - my device is a bit different, so the ui-scheduler does not fit.

All good. It is just there are a lot of nodes and it can be hard to find the one that fits.

Yes, it is also a bit confusing that the times are converted to linux its timestamp...

My device has got two week settings with two from-to times each.

You can make the times local... It just needs a bit of work.

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