Changing the default date format

This should be an easy question from a new user.

The selected date shows up in the UI for the date picker node.

I'm using the date picker node and some place I changed the default date format but I cant remember where.
It was mm/dd/yyyy and I want the standard yyyy/mm/dd but I typed it wrong and got yyyy/mmdd.

I have no problem formatting the date the is produced but it is showing in the UI in some default format.

Does anyone know where this is, I've seen it a couple of times when I didn't pay any attention and now I cant find it.
It seems like it should be in user setting or the properties of the node but its not there.


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thanks for your help.

No problem - if that working for you just mark it a solution to help others looking.

No problem, I'm learning how to work in this environment. Thanks for pointing that out to me.

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