Change JavaScript editor font (for FlowFuse)?

Hi. Is it possible to change the default font (type, size) of Monaco JavaScript editor? I tried to manually edit the specific node-red instance's settings.js file, but it is overwritten at instance boot. Thanks.

Hi @tnonas, welcome to the forum.

At present, this is not a setting we expose to the user.

As an interim workaround, you can do the following:

  1. Open any function or template or node that has a monaco editor
  2. With the cursor inside the monaco editor, hold CTRL and roll the mouse wheel to adjust the text size

This will remain set throughout your session for all instances of monaco


Hope that gets you by for now.


Since font size it very personal, it should probably be stored in the users settings (not in flowfuse settings). Therefore I suspect any adjustment should be on a per user basis and part of Node-RED core (not flowfuse) for all to take advantage of.

Thank you @Steve-Mcl for the prompt reply. I agree that font type and size is very user-specific. It is also one of the first things any coder (or Sunday coder as myself) does. Maybe such option could be placed in a future in specific user settings on FlowFuse platform. I was mainly looking to change the font type as I do for my standalone node-red deployments.