Node Red V2.2.2 Python Node on Rasperry 64bit Font Size

Hi all

I am using Python 3 in my project.
I am python3-function and I would like the font size in the editor to be larger.
It's possible?

Thanks in advance

It is possible by hacking the node or adding some CSS overrides.

Unfortunately, I would suggest switching to monaco editor where setting the font size is trivial BUT this node looks to have been abandoned (has not been updated in in over 5 years) and has outstanding ISSUE regarding loading ACE and not supporting monaco editor due to the way it was written.

REF: Support for monaco in node-red 2.0.0 · Issue #11 · dejanrizvan/node-red-contrib-python3-function · GitHub

Thanks Steve

which node can i use to use python 3 on node red?

Its a loaded answer...

1st - a question: What are you doing in python that couldnt be done in node-red?

Alt solution...
Run your python via an exec node.

I'm using a Adafruit servo motor board.
With Python works fine and now i would like use it with Node Red

Starting a new post or renaming this post will likely draw more attention from the users who might have done this.

e.g. something like "How to control Adafruit servo motor from node-red"

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