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I searched to see if this was addressed yet however I did not find any relative content (which kinda surprised me)..

When I size my browser screen such that the tabs and flows (and most importantly, the Dashboard) are convenient to read, use and work on, I find that the text (code) within the NR editor is quite small for my aging eyes. Simply, is there a way to increase the text size of the NR editor?

I use cmd-shift-+ (on Mac) to increase the page font (and everything) size.
If you are using the Monaco editor for functions then you can set fontSize: 14, etc in your setttings.js file if you just need that font resized.

Thanks dceejay. I use Chrome as the browser on a separate pc (LAN) and I desire the page size (everything really) to remain as is, just have the native NR editor text size increase for coding Does it matter where or how, in settings.js, I put the option? Don't wish to mess up the file syntax.

If you have a recent install you settings.js should have a section at the bottom like

        codeEditor: {
            /** Select the text editor component used by the editor.
             * Defaults to "ace", but can be set to "ace" or "monaco"
            lib: "ace",
            options: {
                /** The follow options only apply if the editor is set to "monaco"
                 * theme - must match the file name of a theme in
                 * packages/node_modules/@node-red/editor-client/src/vendor/monaco/dist/theme
                 * e.g. "tomorrow-night", "upstream-sunburst", "github", "my-theme"
                theme: "vs",
                /** other overrides can be set e.g. fontSize, fontFamily, fontLigatures etc.
                 * for the full list, see https://microsoft.github.io/monaco-editor/api/interfaces/monaco.editor.istandaloneeditorconstructionoptions.ht>
                //fontSize: 14,
                //fontFamily: "Cascadia Code, Fira Code, Consolas, 'Courier New', monospace",
                //fontLigatures: true,

just make sure you switch ace to monaco to enable that editor then edit (remove //) from the fontSize option

Ok. Thanks again. Clearly my settings.js file has not been updated for a while. I've gone to the resource page default settings.js to review the current version and update my file accordingly. I do update NR regularly so I'm going to guess that if it sees custom options it does not replace the file, which is as it should be.

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Correct, the upgrade process doesn’t touch any existing settings file, so yes any new parts won’t get added. (But should default to sensible (existing) behaviour. )

I was not aware the settings.js file doesn't get updated. What if I maybe interested on some new additions like the one mentioned above? Is there a place where I can look at the settings.js default file?

Theres always the source - node-red/settings.js at master · node-red/node-red · GitHub

FYI ebolisa I had put a direct link in an earlier post.

BTW dceejay, I did not know about the monaco editor and like it much better than ace. Thanks for the tip.

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