Change in function node based on received payload

I would like to have a feature to change the to the incoming payload.

This way I can show the values of another node in the overview in a node instead of in the status of a node which is sometimes better viewable.

There is status you can show under the node, much more flexibility cos you have shape + color + text to represent any condition in function.

Adding status

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The Editor is not a dashboard and is not meant to be. The design philosophy used limits the Editor to being an Editor. A few additional features like status have crept in but they are deliberately very limited.

That might change in the future possibly but for now, that's the way it is. It isn't, I don't believe, a high priority on the core dev list so unless someone contributes some code ...

I know, I also use the dashboard for normal usage but for knowing what is going on while creating and monitoring the flows I use the debug node with payload in status. But I preffer a node that shows the value in the node instead of in the status field.

I think @hotNipi meant adding the node.status code inside a 'function' node to show what's going on.
Screen Shot 02-15-21 at 02.02 PM
Screen Shot 02-15-21 at 02.01 PM
Screen Shot 02-15-21 at 02.08 PM
Screen Shot 02-15-21 at 02.08 PM 001

Yes, I know that possibility, but I would like to change the name instead of status.

And do you want the node to expand/collapse visually to adapt itself for the length of the new name in real time?

Hi @jeroenst

The name is part of the static flow configuration. It cannot be changed without a redeploy of the flow configuration.

This is why we introduced status - that is the mechanism we provide to allow the editor to show real-time information from the runtime.

There are no plans to allow the node's appearance, including its label, to be changed dynamically by the runtime.

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