Change node not working according to my problem

Hi, I have a created a data model from s7 in plc to influx dB data type using change node. Everything works fine, But I have a issue, we have total of 4 lines, so all 3 lines have 2 machines except one line which has three machines. So now I have a problem in grafana to create a dashboard dynamically because for the lines with no 3rd machine shows no data in the visualisation. so I'm trying to create a dummy machine injecting 0 as a value. But the problem is I also want them to combine with sap order currently running. So this is my flow now for the new node and the configuration in the change node

It gives me output with counterIN for machine 3 as 0 but still the sap number cannot be included with it. in the output it says "Cannot set property of non-object type:

Can you guys suggest me a solution?

Node red msgs travel completely independant of each other.

You should give them both topics and use the join node...

See this article in the cookbook for an example of how to join messages into one object.

I already tried to do that and it worked. Thanks !

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