Change NR port to 80 (changes on red.js and settings.js doesn't have effect)

Hi, I'm under windows, under "C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\node-red" I've changed on both files:
on red.js settings.uiPort = 80;
and on settings.js uiPort: process.env.PORT || 80
I've restarted NR and keeps run on 1880, should I restart nodejs too? It means restart PC I suppose.
Why it doesn't change?

When you run node-red in a command window it should tell you which settings.js it is using. That is the one you have to change.

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Generally, you cannot use ports <1024 without running with administrative privileges which opens up other issues and is best not done.

If you wish to hide the Node-RED port from users:

  1. You probably shouldn't be using HTTP but rather HTTPS (port 443 by default).
  2. You are generally better off using a reverse proxy. IIS can provide that on Windows or you can install NGINX or similar.

The real question is - what are you trying to achieve by removing the port number?

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that is the node-red source code. You dont edit that.

You will have a .node-red folder likely in c:\users\Admin\.node-red

In there will be a settings.js file where you can change things.

Alternatively, start node-red with a command line option:

node-red  -p 80

See all options here: Running Node-RED locally : Node-RED

To second what Julian said, what is the goal? To have a prettier URL?

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thank you mates, sorry for silly question, I've just found a copy of file and I couldn't imagine the main was on another path. Yes the command windows should tell which file is in use, I'll be more careful in future

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