Change tabs order in left menu

Greetings, as stated in the title i does not find any way to change tabs order in the left menu (of dashboard).


I presume you know to Deploy after changing the order.
Which versions of node-red and the dashboard are you using? The node red version is shown at the bottom of the hamburger menu and the dashboard version in the Manage Palette option of the menu. Probably worth upgrading the dashboard to the latest if it isn't already, though I don't know if that will fix it.

I'm using node-red v1.1.3 maintenance release, with the dashboard v2.23.2.
And yes, I have deployed after each test (i have tried different arrangement of the tabs).

Few minutes ago i have tried to restart node-red and open the dashboard with Google Chrome Incognito Mode, and now i see tabs as expected.. I suppose that this is a cache issue..

I will test a bit more, if there no more issue related to the order then i'll close that thread.
Thanks again for help.

Could well be. Hopefully it doesn't come back.
There is a 2.23.3 version of the dashboard.

sometimes you just need to change the order in the dashboard layout tab - deploy - then change it back, to kick it into changing.

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