Node ordering in groups

Is there a trick to get Dashboard 2.0 to display the groups in the same order I defined them? I have a bunch of markdowns and templates and I arranged them neatly on my page I want them to appear. The page is using the Notebook layout. All markdowns and templates are set to size auto. But they are appearing all over the place on the UI. And it drives my up the wall.

I deleted cache, opened in a new Chrome instance, even in incognito mode and still all over the place. I recently updated dashboard nodes and restarted NR and it fixed the issue. But I am not planning to restart NR every time I re-arrange my nodes.

Is there a trick I am missing? This is so fustrating.

The only thing I can think of quickly is to do a full deploy, rather than a partial or modified nodes only deploy.

This is definitely a bug though, so please do raise it on GitHub

It gets better. I moved all the nodes around within the flow and wanted to deploy the entire flow. I have never seen this error message before:

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Ignore my last comment. I think when I deleted the browser cache it killed the session with the editor. After re-opening in a new browser, I logged in again and worked. But to fully deploy the entire flow did not help. I did not want to do a full deploy just yet.

You probably cleared everything - which gets rid of the cookies and local storage as well so your sessions all collapse.

Can anything fix this besides restarting Node-Red?

Also a bit of additional info: now I am playing with gauges. I create a bunch of them, I move them around in the sidebar, I deploy and the changes take place on the UI. If I do the same with my templates and markdowns nobody moves. I am not sure how these are different.

hmmm... that is bizarre... they're all driven by the same logic :confused: will investigate

I did reported another issue about elements positions in group. It may be mixed issue here, I can't tell. But sorting out this may help to investigate.

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I am playing with another page. The page is Notebook style as before, and again I have a mix of markdown and template nodes. Just like last time.
This is how the top of my page looks like:

The order at least appears to be correct:

But the "Markdown content" and "Search" was in the markdown originally, but I completely replaced the text now:

But none of this text is show. And futher down on the page:

You can see the first and second table generated by the template nodes, but the second markdown is not getting rendered at all, although it has plenty of content.

In both of my examples I was using templates and markdowns. I wonder if the markdown is causing all these issues.

Thanks for digging deeper into this further - could I trouble you to open an issue with an example flow.json that I can play with to try and replicate the problem?

Sure, issue opened:

I am getting even more wierd stuff. I kept playing around with the first table which called "Header Configuration". I turned one of the column to v-chip also added a new function to get dynamic colors. And all of sudden the table disappeared, does not render anymore.
I checked the debugger and see this error message:

I have a field called age and that was where I was making changed. I started backing up all the changes and restored the template to what is was before. But the table would still not render.
Now I removed all reference to the field age, but nothing. And the error persists in the browser.

Now I have disabled all the markdown and the template nodes that are used on this page, but as you can see on the screenshot above, the first markdown is still being rendered on the screen.

Everything is disabled now.

I also noticed that npm start seems to be running a lot. I have no idea if this is related:

Now, I deleted both of the markdowns, enabled both template and deployed the flow:

Both of my tables are back and the but the remainder of the original markdown is still visible on the top of the screen:

Every time I move, or remove something, I restart Node-Red, so everything is fine again, have you tried that?

I will do a restart eventually, but I never done it before DB2. I am hoping that it will not be required at some point. I just two many processes that gather initial data so restarting node-red is kinda expensive for me.

I have usually found that after adding a node and deploying, if the node is moved using the dashboard panel, deployed, and then moved again and deployed that it sorts itself out.

Just to confirm, that after a node-red restart all the group order issues are solved. The fantom leftovers of deleted markdown nodes disappeared and the markdown order is also restored.

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I suspect a lot of these problems are coming from my poor handling of a partial deploy as an FYI.

Under no circumstances am I expecting that you need to be doing a full NR restart every time! That is definitely not by design.

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Thanks OK, we will get there. Also I am not sure why that is, but the issue is definitely enhanced with the markdown node. In general the partial deploy works just fine.