How do I change the order of my tabs?

I couldn't find the answer in searches, or I am using the wrong terminology.

In my NR editor, I set my tabs like this:


Yet, on Deploy, the tabs present in this sequence:


What have I missed?

What version of node-red-dashboard and node-red are you using? Click on the Hamburger menu and it tells you the node red version at the bottom and look in palette manager to see the dashboard version. Update the dashboard if you are not on the latest.

The order of the tabs is meant to match, but they can sometimes get out of sync.

You can reorder them in the dashboard sidebar by dragging them around - sometimes dragging them out of order, them back to the desired order is all it takes.

Thanks for the response- it is appreciated.
My Node-Red is V1.0.5, and the Dashboard is 2.22.1

It seems, however, that Nick's "fix" worked here.

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