Change the default msg.payload input by another property

This is a suggestion for many input nodes :

For example I have an object like this :

msg.payload.property1 = "1"
msg.payload.property2 = "2"
msg.payload.property3 = "3"

And I want to fill 3 input text node with these 3 properties to be displayed in my interface. I will have to add 3 change nodes to put the right property into msg.payload to display it into the input text.

A cool feature could be to be able to bind a property from the edit panel to the input directly (dont use msg.payload instead use msg.payload.property1 as the value)

On many nodes you can already... Which one is causing you to ask ?

Almost every UI related nodes in the dashboard and some function nodes like split

yes - Ok - split is like that - but most ui nodes are like
where you can put {{msg.banana.sundae}} etc if you so wish.
or {{msg.payload.property1}} to be more like what you have.
The chart is the main exception as that accepts both topic and payload in order to draw multiple lines, but in that case you can use the split to split your object using the keys as the topic so they would plot ok (if indeed that is what you need to do)

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