Specify key for ui-text

Hi there, I made a quick search but could not find anything, so sorry for the noise of this topic was already covered.

with DB1 I made many flows in which I would use specific msg properties in ui-text nodes, so I could address several text nodes from a single function node output for example ( msg.payload.propertyLabel, or msg.propertyLabel for example)
For now this is not possible in DB2 , so I have either the option to use several outputs from the function node, or to use change node before each ui-text node to re-assign the property to msg.payload.

Is that planned to be improved at some point ?

Thanks !

Yes. It has been raised. Something I am a big fan of.

But it has been on the backlog now for almost 10 months :frowning:

Ok thanks. Good to know it's already considered.

Hope it will come soon !