Changing flow tab color

Dear all,

Just started to use NodeRED and so far, I'm very pleased! :slight_smile:

One suggestion, as far as I can see this is not possible yet?

The flows appear on tabs, which by default have a white background and black text. Would it be possible to change the tab color? Not only permanent, in some cases it might be useful to distinguish certain flows by color, but in my case my flows are handling alarm contacts (NO/NC). If one of the alarms in one of the flows triggers an alarm, I would like to change the tab color to yellow, red, or something else.

Or did I overlook an existing option?

Kind regards,

Peter Hunt.

Hi and Welcome

"The editor is not a dashboard"

.... is a oft repeated statement around here :slight_smile:

Basically, the core devs would like people to create a dashboard using dashboard nodes and not use the editor webpage for this

So no chance of it being added in I'm afraid :frowning:

A lot of us do use the editor as a dashboard but for what you want, it needs changes to the core so unless someone comes up with hack.....

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