Chart flow don't visualize data

I have two flows (chart flow) and (gauge flow)

To be honest i didn't change anything so i don't know why the flow is not working

The gauge flow work nicely

Try a reboot and clearing the browser cache and refresh the browser page.

If no joy then add a debug node showing what is going into the chart and see what it shows.

If that looks ok then stop node red and start it in a terminal post the output here (copy/paste please rather than screenshot). When pasting click the </> button at the top of the text entry window and paste the log in.

Also check the Developer Console in the browser and see if any errors shown.

thank a lot the problem is solved

It’s always a good idea to explain how you solved your issue so someone else can benefit in the future.

Even if it was a “stupid” mistake (I can’t begin to count the number of those I've made) explaining the issue/solution could help someone else.

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