Line chart is not working

Hi!! I am trying to display a line chart here but it is not showing anything can anyone please help me? What am I doing wrong?
This is the snippet of output where I want to display my line chart

below is the payload I am giving to the chart node

If you look at the Help tab in the sidebar while clicking on the ui-chart node, you will find this:

See this information for how to pre-format data to be passed in as a complete chart.

You might want to follow that link and read what it says

Are you trying to pre-fill a chart or are you just trying to add data to a chart in real time so that it draws the line as new data comes in?

The data is coming from a database

Yes, it is according to the link and the same format data is working for many other flows of mine

Reduce the amount of data to just three points and show it in a debug node, hover over the array[1] line and you should see little buttons appear at the right hand side. Hover over those and one will show Copy Value. Click that and paste the data here, using the </> button when pasting it.

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