Chart.js and candlestick charts

I've been looking all over the Inet for an example or tutorial for Financial candlestick charting.
x: date, Y: open,High, low, close

Can't seem to locate any flows for this use.

I've not got a specific example for that chart type but uibuilder does have examples in the WIKI for using Chart.js and it should be easy enough to merge that with an example from the Chart.js website.

Thanks, I'll check it out. I didn't think it would be this hard to find full examples.

Charting libraries are very powerful and flexible. Data is pretty much infinitely variable. So you will often find overly simplistic examples but rarely truly useful ones.

You could always use a Plotly.js chart in a node-RED dashboard -

Agreed. But, often there is a stand-along example with 'data' embedded into final node. It would be stand-alone, sure but I can modify it in steps and an msg.payload one the final product is satisfactory.

I did want to stay within the chart.js family but...if the example is good I will use it.

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