Chart Series Get Reversed


In this case I am using the Chart widget in Pie mode.
I notice that after I restart Node Red that my chart series/colors get reversed.
See image.

How can I fix this?



they just get reversed in the legend? or in the pie chart as well?


FIFO order. First portion of data (topic) gets first color.
Possible workaround


So, there is something wrong with that implementation. It should be color/series assigned to topic. Not auto assigned. Is this a bug?


No bug here. Topics get relation to the color as they appear and this relationship stays until relevant data has been lost. That's the way it is.


No way to manually assign color to series/topic?


No as far I know.


Bummer... :frowning:


a workaround is to use an inject on start to inject two message in the order you want with the correct topics. Then any subsequent data arriving will be as you want. Or you may be able to force your data to arrive in the correct order by some other means... depends on the data source(s) of course.


I guess I can try that, but it's sort of messy...