Explicitly define the order of topics in dashboard chart


I have feature request for dashboard chart component. I was working on my very first dashboard and I would like to display several values in one chart with specific colors.

I found some solution but some are complicated, some strange but I think that this should be done inside the chart component configuration. I have already defined the colors for my values, but I can't explicitly define the order of the topics. This causing a problem after restart or reboot, that the colors doesn't match the values/topics. Maybe it will be enough if we can explicitly pair topic with color. Then I don't care on the input order. Or maybe input message should have a topic color defined, like msg.color. Actualy chart needs only msg.topic and msg.payload.

Currently I solved it by adding an increasing delay (some milliseconds) for every input to the chart. It works, but I think it is not the nice solution but it is simplest I actually found.

You are correct. There is no formal tie between topic and colour other than the order of arrival - first to arrive is first colour etc. They only have to be in order so no need for massive delays between each.. just some data needs to arrive - you could could try sending a null on each of the correct topics (using an inject on start) to prepare them before real data arrives.