Child web pages in listings

If one creates a in ones Github project that is then published to npm, it shows up in the listing of available nodes. For example:

However, if one includes sub-page links in the, these show as broken links when clicked in the Node-RED catalog. See above link (at bottom of page) for an example. Is there a recipe one should use to prevent or avoid these broken links? I was thinking of putting in absolute URLs to the Github files but that feels a little less than optimal.

I think that you've used relative links for those which means that, when you access the page from flows, the links also point to flows and that isn't valid. The same will happen if you view the page on the npm site.

The only way around that is to use absolute URL's with the GitHub prefix. A common issue and not much else anyone can do about it.

Not 100% true - we do try to spot relative urls when they are used to link to images and we automatically rewrite them to the github hosted url. It isn't 100% perfect, but seems to catch the most common cases.

I guess this would be a case of needing to do the same for links.

Here's where we do it for images - .

If anyone felt up to the task to adding the necessary code for <a> tags, then PRs are welcome.

I did wonder whether you'd want to do that and now you've mentioned it, I vaguely remember you saying something about that in the past.

Anyway, good work as always.