Readme information missing from page for a new node

I have just published a package and added it to the node red nodes library.

However, I had an issue with the links to a couple of images in the which were displaying on GitHub but showing broken links on npm or in node red library.

I updated the image references in the README to use the full github url for the images such as
and republished a new version of the package.

The images now show correctly on both GitHub and on npm.
However, when I added the new version of the package to the node red library the page for my package doesn't show any of the information from the

I am pretty sure that it was showing with the broken links before I added the new version.

The node library page is here

The npm page is here

Should I expect to see the README content on the node library page?

It is working now redeployed as @tonymacdonald/node-red-msg-encapsulation@0.0.4

I managed to get this corrected by doing the following:

  1. reverted to relative paths for the images

  2. added the repository information to the pakage.json

this last part was based on a response on stack overflow here

I guess npm needs this information to build out the relative paths.

Now full readme information is displayed properly in node red library and as a bonus the repo is also referenced there as well.

Not sure why the node red library dropped all README information from my package summary when I used absolute paths to the images in the GitHub repo. I see that the generated urls are different from the urls I provided.

We present the information the npm registry gives us. Sometimes the api returns blank README data even when their webpage shows a fully formed readme. It is fairly rare, but a pain when it does happen.

Thanks @knolleary
That's good to know.
I was able to get it working right eventually.

I wonder if something like that happens again, would it make sense to try adding the same package again, even without publishing a new version, to see if it the info shows up?
Or would adding the same version again cause problems for the library?

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