Cip-ethernet PLC allenbradley to InfluxDB

Hello everyone,

I'm a student working on my final project, can anyone help me describe the nodes in node-red for data retrieval from an allen bradley PLC with an ethernet chip and input the data to InfluxDB.

Thank you.

Hi, welcome to the forum.

Search here: Library - Node-RED for nodes.

Once you are able to get data from your PLC, try to get it into influx.
Pop back with specific questions and what you have done / where you are stuck etc if you need to.

i need block design, like eth-ip in until to influxdb out, for sensor data such as water level and pressure

Sounds like your project is designing a system monitoring service using node-red to query (massage) data before storing it in a database (influxdb)

No one here is going to do the project for you. We will and want to help you with specific questions. Your generation is whats going to drive and keep alive the node-red community for years to come.

Lets talk about specific ......

You say "allen bradley PLC".
What specific PLC?
What data protocol?

Most AB PLC's support a well documented API that you can send requests to.

I will thow you a bone --->

However I ask what specific PLC because many times its easier to read the documentation for the device and use the node-red's exec node to talk to that device using commands or a quick package download to your os to then call from the exec node to talk to the device. If the device has an http API you can use node-red's http node to get the data.

Trusting that a community created node will work and talk to your device is not best practice.

There may be many ways to skin this cat. You will need to decide what direction you will use to communicate with the controler.