(Circular) buffer node

Has somebody a good hint for me if there is a node that is a (circular) buffer? I've been looking around, but I was personally unable to find one. I need for my project a buffer that stack my msg.payloads and releases one when it gets a command to do so.

In my specific case, I have a piece of hardware (433 MHz antenna) that is controlled via a commandline tool. The whole control is arranged in a subnode. When the node is called for the second time, the commandline tool will get the data but the antenna might still be 'occupied' and will not send the requested data. And with 433 MHz devices, there is no feedback from device if a message has arrived.
Because more nodes can send a request to send some data over the antenna at the same time, I need some sort of buffer. That when the subflow is completely ready, it sends a ready to the buffer node. Increase of the consumer or something.

For now I made a work around with delays, but a buffer would be the best solution and tighten the control over a flow.


Maybe have a look at this node:

It should be possible to integrate it for your use case.


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Thanks! I tested it, and it fits perfectly.

I am thinking to suggest to add the keywords buffer and circular buffer, so it will be easier to find.

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