Clarify Dashboards

Anyone tried the new Clarify dashboards (Clarify call them 'Boards')?

You may recall that Bernt-Johan - @bbergshaven introduced himself in the forum last year as one of the founders of Clarify, and kindly offered to allow node-RED users to have a free account with them.

I see today that they have now introduced no-code dashboards as a new feature, which currently supports visualizations such as bar, metric, gauge, line & area chart with stacking, aggregation and time-bucketing, with more promised for the future, including support from a Mobile app expected end of this month.

I've quickly created the below example using MQTT data from node-RED.

clarify dash


Thanks for the warm words @Paul-Reed. We've put a lot of love into creating our dashboard solution, Boards. It's fresh out from development, so feedback and bug reports are welcomed, please just drop me an email to :slight_smile:

And for new forum users, you might have noticed that there are no signup button available any more, but we love the Node-Red community and would love to keep the support, so if anyone want access just DM me or send me an email on the address above.

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