Client-side break point or allert freeze node-red entirely

Greeting, as stated in the title i was digging into node-red (v.1.1.3) dashboard (v2.23.2).

May be it's just a mine missrepresentation of the problem, but when i open the dashboard (ctrl+shift+D) from a flow editor, I'am able to test the dashboard only if i don't put client-side break point o alert (to see what happened client side).
If i do so (placing break point or alert) the entire node-red process freeze until client-side I move forward from break point or alert.
How is that possibile? In my mind model, server side is a single process and single thread environment (as node server is), but server-side should deeply rely on async call, so that a client that hang or hit a break point would not lock it up the entire server.
Am I miss something?

This is in the browser only. Node-red its self is not affected. Only the editor and dashboard are.

This is easy to prove...

  • Have a flow that increments a flow or global context value every second.
  • Have you dashboard pause on a debug point or alert & leave it for 60 secs.
  • close the alert / debugger
  • check the value of the flow/global value being incremented

Thank you to have clarify to me what i have miss interpreted.
Now what i see make more sense

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