Client side excel sheet data

Good morning everyone,
I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction. I have setup an energy monitoring system to log gas, electrical usage and a calculated C02 values to an InfluxDB database and Grafana. I have now a request from our environmental/safety manager to automatically fill and an excel sheet with data from the InfluxDB. The dataflow looks like this; PLC (OPC-UA) -> Node-red (OPC-UA node) - > influxDB - > Grafana. If I have a look at the Excel, CSV nodes, they write a file to the server. I need to have the data on the client PC. Any ideas?

You can write it to the server and then download it to the PC. There have been a number of posts here on how to download files.

Thanks Colin, I will go this route.

You have a choice I think. You could split the flow before the output to InfluxDB and have a separate branch that collects and outputs to CSV. Alternatively, you could periodically query InfluxDB and write the output to CSV.

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