Data logger (Dashboard -> InfluxDB)

Has anyone already built a data logging system? I'm interested in the following spec, and I'll make it myself but wanted to check to see if anyone has already done something like this:

  • Ability to input readings into Dashboard, hit submit, and they are saved to InfluxDB or similar (I've already done this in Node-RED)
  • Ability to add a date / time to the above, to backdate readings
  • Ability to show existing records in InfluxDB, with the option of deleting individual records if they were incorrect, or for tidying up data
  • Ability to show existing records within a given timeframe
  • Ability to delete data from within a given timeframe (e.g. sensor was malfunctioning for 2 days...)
  • Advanced spec: adjust up or down a set of readings between timeframes, downsample data, etc.

Some context: we have just bought a hot tub and take water readings a few times per day for Bromine, pH, Alkalinity. Right now these readings are in a note on my iPhone and on a different note on my laptop... clearly it would be great to get these into a DB and visualise chemical levels in Grafana! My plan is to have a cheap little Kindle Fire nearby, to be able to record easily from touchscreen.

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