Clone a previous configuration: restore flows_raspberrypi.json is enough?

Hi mates, yesterday for the first time I restored flow from a clipboard backup. All was fine exept one module, which communicates with Amazon Echo.
After the restore Alexa couldn't control more the modules, I think because the module sent to her its node ID during the first discovery, she saved it and send that ID on every object, when I restore a flow NR gives to the same nodes other IDs, and this is why it doesn't work I suppose. I should on Alexa delete devices and search again all.

My questions are:
Is enough to copy flows_raspberrypi.json and overwrite it back to have a perfect clone of what was running before? (of course close browser page aand reload it after the overwrite.). Any other file to restore?

I always had the problem to find the node ID number of every node in the flow, I can only know it if a message error is created by a module without a name and I see it in the debug window. Can you please introduce in NR a chance to see its ID on the node window property? Thanks