Cloning Project from github to windows PC

I am trying to clone a project i pushed from my Node-red Unbuntu server onto Git but now would like to clone it onto my Windows 10 PC. I keep getting authentication failure.
I am not sure of which information i am to put into which fields and what is my credential key etc.

Hope this makes sense i am new to projects

Or as a footnote is there an easier way to get a copy of what is running on my server to run on my windows PC and also keep each in sync with each other?

Thanks in anticipation

Could be unrelated but I was trying to install contrib node from GitHub and getting authentication failures 2 days ago.

I then got an email from GitHub that said something about a token being deprecated and I needed to update it

I followed the instructions and now I'm sorted

Might not help you but though I better pass it on just in case its the same thing

thanks @cymplecy but i did the 2 stage authentication with github do not think that is the issue here,
but will look into it. personally i just think its my lack of knowledge :slight_smile:

Thanks @cymplecy turns out you were 100% correct, and entering the token where the password should go worked!

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