Closing/opening an electric curtain automatically

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i try to get more into homeautomation and i think i am here in the right spot.

I´ve got a large living room with a huge window. In the summertime its really heating up quickly. I want to avoid that and install some electric curtains or blinds which close automatically.

I thought about smth like this:

To trigger the movement I would use the following nodes and combine it with a sensor for the room temperatur and maybe a weather forecast:

But there are some problems I don’t know to solve:

The electric curtain in the link above uses the Tuya cloud. So if i send a command to move the curtain, its going to their server in china and then back to my home. I want a curtain with no need to be connected to the internet or any cloud. That’s a potential security breach, which is imho absolutely not necessary.

Can somebody suggest a electric curtain which is working without cloud/connection to the internet and can be used with node red?

I have no clue whicht produkt I should buy. I haven't found the right one yet. Also it doesn’t have to support alexa, google home, siri, cause I don’t use smth like that.

Even if there is a curtain the way I want, how do I find out the commands to trigger the opening or closing? I dont think there is a node for every electric curtain on the market.

Thanks for every help in advance.

Greetings Andi

For my blind I use a standard motor (forward, backward, generally with 4 wires) and to control the motor a shelly 2.5 which supports mqtt (no need to flash others firmwares). You can also use the core mqtt-out node.

I suppose there are similar motors for curtains.

You can try changing the Tuya firmware to Tasmota, then you have full controle.
Google for it.

This idea might be interesting?

The Hook Up - motorise you’re blinds for $10

Actually you can't tasmotize them, also in the video that @Brew posted.

The video from Brew is a year old.
You can put the Tasmota is the white dongle that's in the motor.

Thanks for your inputs guys.

@edje11 I looked after tasmota and it sounds promising. Event the curtain i linked above is supported, cause its listed here:

I will buy it and then try to work my way trough.
It should arrive at the end of next week.

I will report here, but i guess i will have more questions....

my bad, I assumed a more recent video from him, he has a zemismart there that doesnt work wit tasmota

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